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Ingénieur génie chimique expérimenté dans l'exploration pétrolière / CDI ouCDD / Pétrole

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Date of last connection: 2015-02-03

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Current situation:


Current industry: INDUSTRIE

Total working experience: more than 15 years

Job sought:

Desired type of contract:

Positions: HSE, Ingénieur process, Permitman

Industry: , ,

Available as of: Juin 2009

Desired salary:


Education level / Diplomas: INGÉNIEUR GÉNIE CHIMIQUE

Other training courses :
Génie chimique

Divers :


read, written, spoken: Français, Anglais, Allemand, Malagasy




Département Mobile

Region: Mobile

Country: Mobile


Mr. On... B...



Title: Chemical engineer of Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo (ESPA)
Function: Consultant

Professional activities fields:
• Environment
• Industrial process
• Mine
• Energy
• Petroleum Exploration
• Quality
• Community development
• Training

Intervention types:
• Environment
- Environmental Impact Assessment;
- Creation and upkeep of all necessary documentation regarding permitting and social, environmental issues;
- Implementing the environmental plan;
- Environmental follow up;
- Environmental audit;
- Environmental reporting writing.

• Industrial process
- Research and Development;
- Production management;
- Adjustment of new product;
- Industrial equipment choice;
- Raw materials choice;
- Providing continuous technological support;
- Training;
- Industrial waste management;
- Implementing the Health Safety Environment Management System;
- Creation and upkeep of all necessary documentation regarding permitting and social, environmental issues.

• Mine
- Implementing the regulations about Health, Safety, Environment in mine site and the explosives regulations;
- Monitoring the environment action plan;
- Creation and upkeep of all necessary documentation regarding permitting and social, environmental issues.

• Energy
- Petroleum exploration;
- Bio carburant;
- Energy of wind;
- Solar energy;
- Steam;
- Etc.

• Quality method
- Determination of the problems;
- Analysis;
- Solving the problems;
- Communication.

• Community development
- Diagnosis method;
- Making social economic project;
- Project support.

• Training
- Competencies needs analysis;
- Training elaboration;
- Conducting the training;
- Evaluation.

Managerial competencies:
Solving problems;
Managing time;
Negotiating: missions and functions; goals; delegation; results analysis; change;
Leading: work session, communications group, working party …
Training the members of the crew.

Languages knowledge: French (Fluent)
   English (Fluent)
   German (Prize - winner as a best student in German language and flew to Germany for a month in 1986)
   Malagasy (Fluent)


Driver licence: A, B

I’ve worked closely with the following seismic operations Responsible: M. Malcolm Mc Donald, seismic QC, ; M. Franck Whitehead, seismic operation manager of UPSL, ; M. Pierre Fourcade, seismic QC, ; M. Ralph Morabito HSE Consultant of GW MARINE, ; and different Party Chiefs: M. Wang of BGP, M. Mike of UPSL, M. Tony of UPSL.



Period: Four months in 2008 (From August to November)
 Functions: Permit man
 Mission accomplished:
• All Madagascar Domestic Permit Issues.
• Contractor (UPSL) Liaison in Madagascar (people and equipment coordination between port of arrival and field).
• Whenever possible participation in daily planning meetings with the Candax Energy Representative, and UPSL Crew Management.
• Close liaison and communication with the UPSL Party Chief, Chief Surveyor and HSE Officer, and Field representatives, regarding stakeholder relations, damages (as they may occur) to Crops and land holder improvements, costs of damage compensation as per EIA guidelines, public health and safety issues and compliance with environmental guidelines and regulations as required.
• Permit Log book, Communications log, creation and upkeep of all the necessary documentation as outlined in the EIA regarding permitting and social, environmental issues.
• Daily “summary of activities” report submitted to UPSL Representative or appointee thereof.
• Liaison with ONE for whatever questions are relevant.
• Supervision and Control of Candax Base camp location, following the EIA guidelines and local knowledge.
• Socialization process in the field upon start up – whenever.
• Community awareness process.
• Guide UPSL for the hiring of field personnel / labor.
• Contact the local administration for the instigation of crops compensation scheme.
• Provide a permit team to UPSL for direct contact with farmers and start permitting.

Period: Five months in 2007 (From July to November)
 Functions: Socio economist
 Mission accomplished:
• Evaluation of the social economic conditions in Manja district
• Monitoring the price of foodstuffs in the Manja area to ensure that the project was not impacting the costs of goods resulting in a negative impact to the local population
• Evaluation and implementation of the school and hospital rehabilitation plan
• Planning and implementing meetings with the Chef de District and the Chef de Region and other authorities
• Advising local population of the potential impact to their lands
• Mitigating fears of some persons in regards to the overall effect of the seismic operations
• Report writing to the company and the ONE (Office National de l’Environnement) and other duties to ensure compliance with the conditions as outlined in the ONE CCE (Cahier des Charges Environnementales)

Period: 2005 – 2006 and 2006 – 2007 Teacher and department chief of Chemistry and Physics at La Clairefontaine School.
Period: 1996 – 1997 Teacher of Mathematics at Lycée Morondava
Period: 1987 – 1988 Teacher of Mathematics and English language at College of Morondava.

 Period: 1998 - 2007
1998 - 1999 Research and development (SPPC Company)
  1999 - 2001 Production managers (PEINTMAD Company)
  2003 - 2006 Plant managers (MADACOLOR Company)
 Acquired competence:
• Formulation
• Manufacture
• Quality control
• Application
• Production management
• Commercialization
• Training for technicians and sales agent
• Health Safety Environment managing.

Mission accomplished:
• Normalization of formula
• Mechanization of production
• Creation of new product
• Optimization of means of production
• Organizing and managing the production of many tons of paint and by product.
• Creation of new plant
• Training for technicians and sales agent
• Commercialization of paint
• Technical support for building enterprises.
• Trade talks with suppliers.
• Equipment design

 Period: 2002 - 2003
 Functions: Attaché commercial
 Enterprise: SMEF (Société Malgache d’Equipements Frigorifiques)
 Acquired competence:
• Practical knowledge about equipment of water treatment.
• Determination of the customers needs.
• Making contact with foreign suppliers.
• Making offer to customers.
 Mission accomplished:
• Establishing contact and identifying the needs of customers.
• Making an estimate.
• To conclude deals.
Period: 2001 - 2002
 Functions: Work study officer
 Enterprise: AQUARELLE MADAGASCAR (Textile Company)
 Acquired competence:
• Determination of production mean.
• Elaboration of production process.
• Choice of equipment.
• Analysis of functioning.
• Cost reduction study.
• Hiring the technicians.
 Mission accomplished:
• Reorganization of plant
• Productivity improvement
• Sugar manufacture ( SIRANALA OF MORONDAVA )
• Quality control of essential oil ( LABORATORY OF TRADE MINISTRY)
• Quality control of drinking water for Antananarivo city (JIRAMA LABORATORY)
• Salt manufacture (MEMOIRE DE FIN D’ETUDES)

8. TOUR GUIDE (from 1988 during the holidays)
 Period: 1997
 Functions: Survey Foreman
 Acquired competence:
• Managing a crew
• Translating foreign language
• Line clearance
• Surveying the seismic line
• Making deals with landowner


1. Since 2004 ongoing: Social work in our village, I’m the vice President of social work association of our village. We take care the poor families in the village. We identified theirs needs and established social projects. We developed partnership with other organization from France and some local association. Since the beginning we have performed the following works: Giving foods and clothes; sending children to primary school; helping young to have professional training; building library; repairing the public washing place; building toilet for each sector; bringing to the hospital some children who have health problems.

2. 1995 creation of SEIGCM: I was the first President who founded with some friends this association of chemical engineer student at Polytechnic school of Antananarivo. This association is used to promote chemical engineering and to solve the pedagogic problems. We organized a public meeting with show room, conferences, …

3. 1987 – 1988 NATIONAL SERVICE: I followed the army training during three months and I was sent by the government to teach at the college during one year.

4. 1986 GERMAN EXCHANGE PROGRAM: German embassy organized an examination about German language. I got the price and I was allowed to travel through Germany, a part of Austria and France with the students from other countries like Morocco, Israel, Cameroon, Uganda, and South Korea. We had also an opportunity to stay in German family separately and went to school.

Cover letter

Mr. On... B...


Ingénieur génie chimique expérimenté dans l'exploration pétrolière / CDI ouCDD / Pétrole

Je suis ingénieur génie chimique ayant des expériences dans l'exploration pétrolière. Je souhaite mettre mes compétences suivantes au service de votre projet: HSE, Permitting, Gestion de production, Formation.

Mr. On... B...

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